‘Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 90, 91, 92, 93 Synopses, Air Dates Released

I'm not even joking future trunks who didn't even succeed in saving his timeline instead gets a new one created in place and for some reason he could not stay?? This time around, Super Shernon will hear the wishes of the Tournament of Power winner. The Dragon Balls were originally created by Namekians and they were programmed to have restrictions, keeping some portion of intensity and stakes for our characters.

Now I wanna make clear about these 2 that individually as their own characters they pose no interest to me however, when together this is where I feel that they truly shine. Sadly, if these types of episodes didn't exist, Super would be an awful looking mess.

I feel that Zamasu needed to be built up to have much more of a impactful change of heart, a change of heart that would actually shock Goku and the others a lot more than it truly did. Vegeta has progressed tremendously as a character and his battle with Frieza holds more weight.

The original provided so many great stuff as well as some issues but what is really baffling is the behind the scene problems in regards to Toei Animation and the writers generating so much revenue to make this show and not giving us one arc to actually satisfy me from beginning to end and as a fan its almost insulting to me and many of the dragonball core fanbase.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from "Dragon Ball Super" Episodes. The Power-Scaling in Dragon Ball Super is GOD AWFUL and yes it arguably has needed some work ever since. (Its dragon ball and anime at times so lets just roll with it) Kid trunks only good moment is when he is scolding his future self which was quite interesting considering the versions of himself never actually met before.

It feels like with certain characters here like trunks, kale, 17, Caulifa etc, gaining these high level of power to even be able to match their powers towards the main character goku makes me feel that NOTHING feels earned. One of the strongest characters as well as being the most neutral amongst the cast as well as becoming Goku and Vegeta's new Teacher which holds him high in terms of importance.

His interaction with Future Trunks after not seeing him in a very long time was really too brief but also way too carefree and yes I'm aware gohan has a completely different to that of future trunks but I felt gohan could show at least more concern and urgency regarding future trunk's presence again another inconsistency of gohan's character shown here which he then later regrets when he finds out the real predicament later concerning future trunks.

Never thought I say this but I think frieza might just be the most Perplexing character in this series and someone who was just being A generic villain in ressurection of F makes a strange inclusion within the show in the very last arc (Mostly for marketing reasoning) but to think that this Iconic villain who barely had much interest in ROF to suddenly make yet another comeback to then suddenly become the most unique decision within the Dragon Ball Super last arc is something i didn't expect.

Vegeta in the BoG arc allows Goku to attain God Ki and supported him through out the battle which gives off instance of his moment in the Buu arc back in Z of him willing to fuse with goku, His Outburst when he reacts to that Bulma Scene also gives that much valid weight to Vegeta's character as a husband which carries over even in the RoF arc and then even more in the Universe 6 arc with another fellow character and saiyan called Cabbe who is from a different opposite universe to his own which vegeta embraces and the fact that he'd mentor someone and treat him as a brother like other saiyans is not only surprising for his character but is equally progressive.

New characters like Beerus, Hit, Jaco, Zamasu have pretty good designs as well as some attires the characters wear like whatever bulma wears or the training gear goku and vegeta had when training with whis and a few of the gods of destruction looked okay.

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